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Case study

Amazon success: The sweet success of Conservas Antonieta

  • Customer:Conservas Antonieta

1. Diagnosis

amazon agency jams
Semseo, through these strategies, managed to ensure that Conservas Antonieta not only made a successful entry on Amazon, but also experienced a significant increase in its online sales.

2. Action plan

  1. Creation of the Amazon Seller account.
  2. Product uploading: A careful selection and uploading of products on Amazon Spain was carried out, prioritising those with the greatest potential for attraction and acceptance by the local public.
  3. Amazon Prime: In order to maximise the benefits provided by the Amazon Prime programme, we created packs of their jams. This allowed us to increase the recognition of the Conservas Antonieta brand.
  4. Brand registration and creation of a corporate page on Amazon: This is especially important as it facilitates easy identification and differentiation of Conservas Antonieta's products, fostering consumer confidence.
  5. SEO optimisation. We dedicate our best efforts to improve the visibility and ranking of Conservas Antonieta's products in Amazon search results.
  6. Incident resolutions: Finally, we take care of the maintenance and resolution of incidents and possible problems arising from Amazon's policy.
  7. Launching and improving advertising campaigns: We deploy advertising strategies on Amazon designed to maximise sales.

3. Results

Creation of the first Amazon shop for Conservas Antonieta.
Increases in online sales.
Amazon as the main online sales channel.
Semseo, through these strategies, enabled Conservas Antonieta not only to make a successful entry on Amazon, but also to experience a significant increase in its online sales.

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