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«We take full advantage of Google Ads in order to achieve the best results»

Within SEM, campaigns on Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) are an essential part of any paid advertising strategy on the Internet.

Nowadays, Google Ads is one of the best tools that exist to attract new customers and increase your sales in the most immediate way. And what's more, you only pay for results.

At Semseo we are one of the few Google Ads agencies in Spain with a Google Partner Premier certificate, this distinction demonstrates to our clients all the effort, knowledge and experience that we put into our Google advertising strategies.

We get the most out of Google Ads. Its platform allows us to create and publish ads focused on your target audience through different types of campaigns:

  • Search Campaigns. Ads will be shown to those users who actively search on Google for the products or services offered by your company.
  • Display Campaigns. Ads in image format that are shown on other websites that will attract the attention of users through a visual and attractive impact.
  • Remarketing. These visual ads are focused on getting those users of your website who have not yet made a purchase to become customers. Another variant is Prospecting, which are ads that will be shown to users who have visited your competitors' websites.
  • Shopping campaigns. If you have an online shop, this type of campaign is ideal to show your product catalogue to your potential customers on Google and increase your sales.
  • Performance Max Campaigns (PMax). It will allow us to access all Google advertising formats with a single campaign, using automatic learning to optimise ads and offers. They are designed to achieve specific objectives by automatically adjusting ads to reach the most relevant audience across multiple Google platforms.
  • YouTube Ads campaigns allow us to display ads on YouTube videos and on websites and applications from the Google Display Network.
  • Gmail Ads allow us to display promotional messages in the inbox of Gmail users, specifically in the "Promotions" or "Social" tabs

How we create the best Google Ads campaigns

As a Google Ads Premier Partner Agency, we know that every campaign on the Google Ads platform requires detailed planning of all its phases. Thanks to our comprehensive work methodology, we ensure that we achieve the best results and take advantage of all the opportunities that Google Ads offers us.

Below are the phases that play a fundamental role in the campaigns developed in Google Ads by Semseo:

Enjoy the success of your SEM advertising campaigns in Google Ads Barcelona

Analysis of business area and competitors

We carry out a preliminary study of the characteristics of your business sector and investigate what your competition is doing. At the same time, we analyse all manner of variables (cpc, seasonality, cost) that may affect the performance of your campaigns and your investment.

Campaign definition

In conjunction with the client, we evaluate which products and/or services they want to promote via Google Ads and decide which campaigns will ensure the best results at the lowest cost.

Campaign set-up

Once the entire strategy has been devised, we make a start. We create the most compelling campaigns, ad groups and advertisements; we select the keywords to focus on, the audience with the best conversion possibilities ... In short, we cover all aspects of a expert strategy.

Optimization of your campaigns

Our work does not end once your campaigns have taken off, we apply constant maintenance to them and introduce ROI improvements so that your Google Ads strategy never deviates from its successful path.


We believe showing you the results of your campaign in a transparent, uncomplicated manner is very important. We show you the results and help you interpret them so that you maintain complete control over the performance and the fruit of your campaign.
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«Our Google Ads Partner Premier 2023 certification guarantees us as a trusted agency»

Success stories

At Semseo, we are proud to have led our clients to success thanks to our SEM campaigns on Google Ads. Here are some examples:
Google Ads Agency in Barcelona

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