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What is an SEO audit?

«We detect the errors and flaws that are stopping you from taking off»

An SEO audit is an exhaustive investigation of a website (be it a corporate website or an online store) that allows us to establish the status of its performance and the factors that are influencing its positioning on search engines.

At SEMSEO we attach great importance to SEO audits, since these allow us to accurately detect errors and areas to address so that your website obtains a better position on Google and other search engines.

SEO audits help us to get the most out of your future search engine strategy. At our agency in Barcelona we know that it is difficult for an SEO campaign to be successful if there is no detailed planning behind it, setting the guidelines to follow and series of actions to be implemented.

The main advantage of an SEO audit carried out by our agency is that it allows us to understand how Google is interpreting your website, so we can build the foundations to ensure better ranking, higher organic traffic and the results you are looking for with your project.

The best SEO audits to find the weaknesses and opportunities for improvement of your website

What you can achieve with an SEO Audit by SEMSEO

At SEMSEO we DO NOT carry out automatic, simple audits. Our SEO specialists in Barcelona combine their high level of expertise with the very best professional tools on the market. Everything needed in order to provide you with complete reports that show in detail the technical and not so technical aspects to be addressed on your website.

We are true craftsmen and women, and we will create for you an SEO audit that will help you repair your flaws and enhance your strengths.

Correct errors on your website

We comprehensively track your website to detect all kinds of errors or flaws that are affecting its performance on search engines. Web architecture problems, low usability on mobiles, broken links, duplicate content, thin content, poorly implemented functionalities or plugins, loading speed problems, depth of clicks, unnecessary redirects ... We analyse your project in search of bugs that prevent you from taking off.

Establish your ideal keywords

Keywords are the terms that an internet user will enter when doing a Google search. Thanks to our SEO audit, you will know which keywords are the most relevant to your business and whether you are appearing in conjunction with them or require a course change in order to achieve this.

Establish the status of your website on the Internet

Our audits are not only based on analysing the internal details of your project, we also go one step further and find external factors (Offpage) that affect your SEO. To this effect, we attach great importance to your link profile, in other words, those external websites that link to you and may be influencing your authority or credibility on search engines, for better or for worse.

Adapting to the changes

Throughout our many years of experience, we have come across websites that through neglecting their SEO strategy have suffered from a penalty or a serious decline in their traffic and organic ranking. This is usually the result of a failure to update the website or ignorance in relation to the Google algorithm. Our SEO audits keep you informed of the techniques that work and detect opportunities that your competitors have missed.

Ranking your project

Our SEO audits have a more ambitious goal than simply pointing out the flaws in your project. They are designed to get your website to the top of Google for those searches that will provide you with the most opportunities.

«Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.. - Carl Sagan»

Do you need an SEO audit?

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Free Audit

Free(+ VAT)
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Basic analysis of your website and initial contact to establish its status and current performance on search engines.

Pro Audit

From 480€(+ VAT)
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  • Analysis of current indexability, keywords and SEO positioning.
  • Detection of all the flaws affecting your SEO (broken links, duplicate content, thin content, click depth)
  • Analysis of website’s SEO tagging
  • Analysis of sitemap.xml and robots.txt folders
  • Analysis of the link profile (Backlinks) and website authority
  • Detection of toxic links and spam aimed at your website
  • Analysis of web usability on mobile devices
  • Searching for potential penalties that may affect your visibility on search engines

Advanced Audit

From 960€(+ VAT)
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Includes the PRO audit, plus:

  • Analysis of current indexability, keywords and SEO positioning of the website compared to your competitors.
  • Analysis of the content of the website and whether it is focused on positioning.
  • Understanding the architecture of the website (pages, content, structured data, images)
  • Review of tagging for international SEO
  • Analysis of website performance (WPO) and loading speed
  • Tracking and study of internal links on the website.
Plant your flag on Google thanks to our advanced and comprehensive SEO audits.

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SEMSEO's SEO audits have laid the foundations for the success of many of our clients. Among the clients who have entrusted their companies and businesses to us, of note are:

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