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«Ensure a strong linking profile that will carry you to the top search engine results»

Link-building consists of capturing links from other websites in order to improve your positioning on Google and other search engines. What's more, the greater quality of the links that migrate to your website, the better positions you will receive within search results, particularly for those most competitive keywords in your sector.

Any SEO strategy with prospects of success always requires Link-building actions. Why? Links obtained from popular and relevant websites add strength and authority to your own website, and the authority and credibility of your website remains a key positioning factor for Google today, since search engines give the best rankings to the websites it deems to be the most relevant and important.

The link-building service that we offer at SEMSEO consists of creating a strong and quality linking profile for your website. We implement link-building strategies with natural, authoritative and sector-relevant links, thereby ensuring your SEO positioning grows day by day.

Link-building can be a double-edged sword if it is not implemented with expertise. At our Link-building agency we only obtain links for your project that will add value and help your web positioning strategy.

We give you a hand when it comes to getting the best possible links and obtaining the best linkbuilding service

How do we implement Link-building at SEMSEO

At SEMSEO, our Link-building agency in Barcelona, we have a great team of SEO professionals with extensive experience in obtaining quality links. All the Link-building strategies that we implement with our clients are the same ones that we use for ourselves.

Our Link-building services comes with the following benefits:

Quality links

We have in our possession a database of quality links that grows as our SEO experts continually identify the strongest links on the Internet. For your project, we manually capture links from forums, blogs, company directories, comments on posts, profiles, social networks ... If it exists, we obtain it.

Thematic links

Google not only values the number and quality of your links, it also lends great importance to those of the same subject. For this reason, we obtain links for your project from websites related to your sector. In addition, these links will provide more possibilities of directing traffic to your website, which will reinforce the strength (link juice) that you receive from them.

Bespoke links proposal

Do you need a quick boost for your positioning strategy? You can always contract paid links from websites and media sources of great authority. At SEMSEO we have contacts within the best link marketplaces, so we will always obtain the very best offers and opportunities for strong links from authoritative and credible websites with high levels of traffic. Ask us for a bespoke link proposal!

Review of linking profile

We maintain your link profile in perfect health. Our SEO experts constantly check your inbound links in search of any toxic links, spam or negative seo from your competitors that may harm your positioning. We ensure that at all times you display a natural and healthy link profile to Google.

•Link tracking

We measure and inform you of the impact of each link on the positioning of your most important keywords. With constant monitoring of the links that we implement for your project, we are able to apply improvements and make the right decisions so that your evolution is always on the up.

«Links, a great driver for your SEO positioning strategy»

Do you need a Link-building service?

Links on our database
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Choose your Linkbuilding strategy


Basic Plan

From 240€/month(+ VAT)
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  • Analysis of current link profile of the website
  • Manual capture of links on blogs, forums and high traffic sources
  • Obtaining thematic, sector-specific links
  • Tracking of the evolution of your domains and reference pages

Pro Plan

From 480€/month(+ VAT)
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Includes all the features of a Basic Plan, plus:

  • Proposal for bespoke paid links (with discounted price)
  • Removal and disavowal of toxic and prejudicial links
  • Bilateral guest-posting among our clients (Optional on both parts)

Advanced Plan

From 960€/month(+ VAT)
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Includes all the features of a Pro Plan, plus:

  • Optimization of internal content to generate link-baiting
  • Brand monitoring to capture links on website that reference you/your company.
  • External contact and communication with other websites in order to ensure guest-posting
Create your own quality link profile with advanced and secure linkbuilding strategies.

Success stories

At SEMSEO, our Link-building agency in Barcelona, we are proud to have led our clients to success thanks to our Link-building strategies. Among the clients who have entrusted their companies and businesses to us, of note are:

Ready to take off?

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