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We optimize the loading time of your website.

«We make sure your website loads as fast as possible.»

One of the key points to get visitors to stay on your website and not go to another is the loading speed. Users seek immediacy, they have less and less patience and do not want to wait more than a few seconds to load a website completely.

This is where WPO (Web Performance Optimization) plays an essential role. Thanks to our WPO service, at Semseo we optimise your website so that it loads as quickly as possible and offers the best possible user experience.

In addition, in terms of SEO, offering a fast website that loads in a few seconds is a great indicator of quality for Google and other search engines, thanks to WPO we will also achieve better organic positions in search results, generating greater visibility and traffic to your website.

At Semseo we have a great team of developers specialized in web optimization for all types of CMS. We thoroughly analyse your website in search of weaknesses or problems that are slowing down its speed, always offering you advanced and customised solutions that will improve your loading time second by second.

How we improve the loading speed of your website

At Semseo we want all our clients to enjoy a website that has the highest quality, performance and positioning; a website that helps them achieve their purposes as a company and offers the very best possible user experience. Remember that a satisfied user is a user who converts.

At WPO level, we have a constant and very meticulous fixation with optimizing all the resources and elements that are influencing the loading speed of your website. We act accordingly by applying the necessary improvements for each individual project. To follow, we detail the type of optimizations that we carry out on each website.

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Code optimization

Improving the loading speed of a website will depend largely on how its source code is optimized.

We must take into account all kinds of parameters when obtaining the best WPO. Among them: Minification, compression and correct management of each resource and document.

Optimization of JS and CSS resources

The vast majority of current websites on the market use content managers such as WordPress, Prestashop or Magento, this type of CMS has templates that structure the content and incorporate all kinds of aesthetic functionalities.

However, many of these aspects end up affecting the performance and speed of the website. At Semseo we optimize the template by reducing the number of JS and CSS resources without sacrificing anything in the design.

Image optimization

Images are a fundamental aspect to take into account in any WPO optimization. These elements, if not properly treated, can seriously slow down your website.

We take care of optimizing the images on your website to achieve an instant speed increase, making adjustments to both quality, weight and resolution.

Optimization of plugins and modules

No matter what type of CMS you have, great care must be taken when installing plugins and modules. These features can be very useful for multitasking, but the more plugins you have, the slower your website will load.

In our WPO optimization, we only select those plugins that you really need and discard those that only consume resources.

Cache memory optimization

Taking advantage of the browser's cache will be crucial to minimize the load of resources as much as possible and achieve a better experience for those most recurring users.
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«We boost your website speed one second at a time.»

Success stories

At Semseo, as an agency specialising in Web Performance Optimisation (WPO), we have managed to drastically reduce the loading times of many of our clients' websites.
WPO optimizations that make our customers happy

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