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Paid advertising on search engines, especially campaigns on Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) and Microsoft Advertising (bing ads), are an ideal way to attract users who are searching on Google or Bing for exactly the products or services you offer. And as far as social networks are concerned, we recommend mainly the use of social media advertising campaigns via Meta Ads (Instagram or Facebook ads) without forgetting LinkedIn or TikTok ads.

Our goal as SEM consultants in Barcelona is to convert these interested users into loyal customers. To achieve this, we comprehensively manage your company's advertising on search engines and your PPC campaigns on the websites or social networks where you want to promote yourself.

The main advantage of having our SEM consultants is that we help you to understand with full transparency the status of your current PPC campaigns while we implement the necessary improvements so that your advertising results improve month by month.

Unlike other services we offer as a SEM-PPC Agency, our SEM consultancy was created to help those companies that already have active campaigns but need a boost to help them get off the ground and out of the stratosphere.

That boost is what our SEM consultants can give you. They will show you the way forward and help you make decisions that will make a difference in the evolution of your overall strategy. Trust us and enter a universe full of opportunities.

How our SEM consultants work

Thanks to our work methodology perfected over the years and our team of consultants certified in platforms such as Google Ads, Meta Ads (Facebook and Instagram ads) or Microsoft Advertising (bing ads), we will increase your sales, improve your return on investment and raise awareness of your brand online.

We offer you our critical thinking, experience and knowledge in digital marketing and SEM consulting to get the best results from your online advertising campaigns.

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SEM audit

Analysing and understanding the status and performance of your current campaigns is crucial for laying the groundwork. In this step, we evaluate which aspects are working in your campaigns and which ones need to be improved.

We observe your direct competition so that you can always stay one step ahead. We elaborate reports without technicalities and easy to understand so that you will know with total transparency how your strategy is going and what we can do to achieve better results.

Definition of new SEM strategy

After establishing the status of your advertising strategy, we implement the necessary improvements to ensure its maximum performance. We optimize campaigns, reorganize ad groups, include keywords that bring you more customers, adjust bids to improve ROI, and create ads that attract more clicks. We comprehensively redefine your entire SEM strategy so that you get more quality leads.

Maintenance of your SEM campaigns

Once the necessary improvements have been implemented, we don't stop there. We keep a regular check on your campaigns to ensure that everything is going according to plan. We analyse the impact of our strategy and make the necessary adjustments so that your ads always give their very best.

landing pages optimization

For a successful SEM strategy, it is not only necessary to create quality campaigns and ads on Google Ads or Social Ads, it is also vital to offer the best possible landing page.

Once the user clicks on your ad, we must take them to a well-structured page totally focused on leads (sale, contact, subscription… etc). Our SEM consulting team plan and make the necessary changes to your website to promote maximum engagement.

Great communication

Communication with our clients is crucial to ensure that SEM campaigns will always be heading in the right direction. We periodically send detailed reports of the results obtained with the campaigns, as well as information of interest, recommendations to follow and improvements to be implemented.


In any case, the SEM campaign consultancy process follows the following steps:

  1. Analysis of the market, environment, competitors and audience definition
  2. Definition of objectives and budget
  3. Choice of SEM channels: Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, etc.
  4. Keyword research
  5. If active advertising campaigns exist, an audit of the campaigns will be conducted
  6. Creation of the campaigns
  7. Creation of ads with relevant CTAs
  8. Configuration of campaigns, bids and budgets
  9. Optimisation of landing pages for users
  10. Campaign launch and A/B testing
  11. Customer behaviour analysis
  12. Campaign monitoring
  13. Meeting with the client and campaign readjustments
  14. Restart all the process again
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«We leave nothing to chance. We control all the details so that your SEM campaigns are both profitable and successful.»

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As SEM specialists, we have created and managed advertising campaigns with different budgets, always achieving high returns. Among the clients that trust us with their Google Ads and Meta Ads campaigns, we would like to highlight:
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