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«SEO on WordPress, a challenge that requires expertise and experience»

WordPress is the most widely used content manager (CMS) in the world. Millions of companies trust Wordpress every day when creating and launching their online projects into the world. Its popularity comes mainly because it is very intuitive and easy to use: It allows us to quickly create and edit the pages and content we want, while providing us with all kinds of plugins (functionalities) to make our lives easier.

However, SEO for WordPress is not as straightforward as it may sound. It is true that there are hundreds of plugins that help us improve the positioning of our website on search engines, but only if they are well-configured and adapted to your website and strategy. A single bad plugin can undermine our entire global strategy.

At SEMSEO we are a specialist SEO agency for WordPress, we have extensive experience working with all types of websites created in this CMS. We optimize them with precision and expertise so that they reach the top positions on Google and attract quality traffic.

If we have learned something in our years of experience in working with projects developed in WordPress, it is that SEO is not a matter of installing a plugin. On the contrary, it is quite a challenge that requires the latest expertise in positioning and the most advanced techniques.

We offer you everything you need to increase your visibility on the Internet and help you stand out from your competitors.

Optimization for SEO wordpress in Barcelona

How do we implement SEO on WordPress

At our expert agency in SEO for WordPress in Barcelona we have helped hundreds of Wordpress web projects that approached us because they had not achieved the results they expected.

We offer all our clients a bespoke SEO strategy, based on a working methodology developed and perfected over years. A strategy that will make your WordPress take-off towards the top positions of Google.

How do we do it? Here are the key elements to our SEO strategies for WordPress:

SEO audit

We analyse in detail the current state and performance of your website on search engines. We detect flaws that are affecting your visibility, we collect the keywords that bring you the most traffic, we study your main competitors and we propose a series of recommendations to implement so that you can continue to improve.

Keyword research

The basis of any successful SEO strategy. For your project, we find those ideal keywords with high volume and little competition that will attract higher quality traffic and more sales/conversions for your business.

SEO Configuration/Plugins

We implement all the necessary optimizations within your website to increase your visibility and positioning by the defined keywords:

Optimization of the structure of pages and content; installation, configuration and maintenance of plugins; bug fixes, internal linking, tagging ... And much more.

WPO and CRO optimization

We carry out all the necessary actions both to improve the loading speed of your website (cache improvements, plugin removal, image optimization) and to increase final conversions (UX usability, attractive titles, ease of use ... and so on).

SEO Offpage - Link-building

Getting external links that point to your website is essential in order to achieve the best positions, especially with the most competitive keywords.

We create a strong and prosperous link profile for your website, through the capture of quality links in directories, forums, blogs and other media.

Monitoring results

We measure the data obtained from our SEO strategy in WordPress in order to implement the improvements and adjustments that are required.

We prepare customized results reports for you, without technicalities and easy to understand so that you can maintain complete control of the status of your project and make the right decisions.

«We take your WordPress to the top positions on Google»

Do you need SEO for WordPress?

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SEO audits undertaken
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Monthly plans


Basic Plan

From 240€(+ VAT)
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  • Bespoke keywords study
  • SEO Onpage optimization. Titles, plugins, product descriptions, tags ... etc
  • Local SEO Strategy
  • Correction of internal errors on the web.
  • Technical advice by SEO specialists and consultants via email.
  • Quarterly monitoring report with recommendations to follow
  • Annual strategic meeting

Pro Plan

From 480€(+ VAT)
I'm interested

Includes all the features of the Basic Plan, plus:

  • Market analysis
  • SEO audit
  • Content Marketing Plan
  • Writing and publishing 2 posts per month for the blog
  • Link building strategy
  • WPO optimization + speed + plugin maintenance
  • Technical advice by telephone
  • Monthly monitoring report
  • Quarterly strategy meeting

Advanced Plan

From 960€(+ VAT)
I'm interested

Includes all the features of the Pro Plan, plus:

  • Installation of premium plugins
  • Analysis of the profile of external links
  • Study of keywords for search purposes
  • International SEO Strategy
  • Writing and publication of 4 posts per month for the blog
  • Quality and thematic link-building
  • Web architecture and UX
  • Monthly strategy meeting
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Success stories

At SEMSEO, our WordPress SEO agency in Barcelona, we pride ourselves on having led our clients to success thanks to our advanced SEO strategies in WordPress. Among the clients who trust us, we would like to highlight:

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