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«We create bespoke content that both positions and attracts quality traffic»

Content Marketing is based on the creation within your website of interesting and valuable content that attracts your target audience and converts them into future customers.

A well-crafted content marketing strategy will bring many benefits to your web project. Quality content not only offers useful and relevant information to users about your products / services, it also reinforces your brand image while championing your values, creating in the process a positive impact on users so that they have confidence in your solutions and products.

At SEMSEO we are professionals in creating attractive content totally personalized to your brand, with structured semantics, that respond to the enquiries of your audience and above all, is focused on SEO positioning on Google and other search engines.

For Google, the content of a website is fundamental in determining how it is to be positioned among search results.  For this reason, at our agency we provide content that includes the necessary SEO techniques and optimizations so that in addition to being quality content for users, it is also for Google.

Experts in SEO content writing in Barcelona

How do we implement our SEO copywriting

The main difference between SEMSEO and other content marketing agencies in Barcelona is that we do not write content and then apply an SEO varnish on top. On the contrary, our experts write content totally designed for SEO positioning from scratch. That is what distinguishes us and what makes our content successful.

As part of our SEO copywriting service, of note is:

SEO Copywriting

We take care of writing bespoke and quality content for your website, using reliable sources and your own guidelines as a reference. All of our content has well-defined positioning objectives from the very start and is focused on being relevant for both users and search engines.

Content optimization

In addition to creating new content for SEO, we are also able to optimize what you already have on your website together with any other texts written by you that you think need to be reviewed by an SEO professional. We make the most of your content to get you positioned amongst the top Google results.

Blog posts

Periodically updating your blog section plays a very relevant role in your global positioning. At SEMSEO we create articles written specifically to position your website in informational searches related to your sector and reach those users who are at the beginning of the conversion funnel. We know that helping these users is the first step towards ensuring they finally become customers.

Offsite content

In addition to creating internal content for your website, we also attach importance to the generation of external content located on websites within the same sector or blogs related to your products/services. These contents allow us to attract more visits to your website while increasing the link profile and authority of your project on search engines.

Promotion of contents

Once your content is in perfect working order, we make sure everyone knows about it. We move your news and latest news sections through all kinds of content aggregators and social networks. By so doing, you will have the opportunity to build your own community of readers and recurring users.

«We write SEO content that is relevant to both users as well as Google»

Do you need SEO-focused content?

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Choose your content plan


Basic Plan

From 240€/month(+ VAT)
I'm interested
  • Study of bespoke keywords
  • Writing 2 blog posts per month
  • SEO optimization of current content together with texts prepared by the client

Pro Plan

From 480€/month(+ VAT)
I'm interested

Includes all the features of the Basic Plan, plus:

  • Writing content for the website (Products, services, information ... etc) tailored for each client and focused on SEO

Advanced Plan

From 960€/month(+ VAT)
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Includes all the features of the Basic Plan, plus:

  • Writing 4 blog posts per month
  • Generation of Offsite content for blog and external sources
  • Promotion of contents on social networks and content aggregators
Plant your flag in the google universe with SEO content written by our content marketing experts

Success stories

At our content marketing agency in Barcelona SEMSEO we pride ourselves on having led our clients to success thanks to strategies and tools such as SEO copywriters. Among the clients who have entrusted their companies and businesses to us, of note are:

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