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What is International SEO

«International SEO is the best way for your company to grow»

International SEO is an SEO strategy that focuses on improving the visibility of a website in different countries and in various languages. As an international SEO agency, our main objective is to obtain top positions on Google in the various countries we agree to attract qualified traffic, ensuring that users find the most relevant content according to their location and language preferences. In short, this SEO strategy allows us to establish connections with a global audience, transcending language and geographic barriers and overcoming the limits of traditional SEO.

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How do we carry out International SEO at Semseo

Just like when we design a SEO strategy for just one country, International SEO is built using a series of immovable pillars as a base. At Semseo, we take care that our International SEO strategies have everything you need to get your company to take-off at full speed and position your company in the countries you want.
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Market and competitor analysis

First of all, it is very important to understand the ecosystem in which your company and sector operate. Knowing our competitors in these countries and their strategies is vital to get a first advantage and overcome the more established competition.

Relevant keyword research

Choosing the right keywords is crucial for your website's success, as each country has unique search behaviors. Therefore, analyzing market trends and user searches in each region is critical to tailoring your digital strategy for success.

Unique content per language

The content offered on the website is one of the most important parts of any SEO positioning strategy. At international level, content planning must be created that takes into account the specific needs and characteristics of the language and/or country in question.

We must prioritise localisation over simple translation. Localisation implies adapting the message to the cultural peculiarities, local preferences, and idioms of the target market, beyond simple translation. This may include adapting examples, currencies, units of measurement and case studies relevant to the local audience, ensuring that the content is perceived as ideally suited to the target audience.

Optimization of the web structure

In the technical aspect of international SEO, it is essential that we analyse many factors. To name but a few:

  • We must correctly implement the country and language tags in the HTML code, using the hreflang attribute, so we prevent search engines from detecting our content as duplicate and understand which content is focused on each country. Keep in mind that, even if they share the same language, it is important that two countries are also differentiated by region.
  • We must implement content delivery networks (CDNs) to improve loading speed and prevent Google from assigning us only to a local IP.
  • We have to use structured data to help Google and other search engines understand the geographical and linguistic context of our website content.
  • We have to decide whether we will work with a single domain per folder, with territorial domains or subdomains.


Getting links to our website is essential to improve our positioning. For International SEO, getting links from websites located in the same region is essential for search engines to understand which market we are targeting.

International online reputation management

We will need to design strategies to monitor and nurture our brand reputation in different international markets. This includes tracking mentions of our brand in different languages and regions, proactively managing reviews on our company profiles in each country, and participating in country-specific social networks and forums to connect with local audiences. It is also important to adapt our content strategy to the cultural sensitivities of each region or country to avoid misunderstandings that can damage our reputation.
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Success stories

At Semseo we are very proud to have helped many companies expand internationally. Here are some of our international SEO success stories:
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