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«Ensure a strong linking profile that will carry you to the top search engine results»

There are many channels provided by Digital Marketing that let us attract new customers and increase business leads. Nowadays, Email Marketing remains one of the most effective online communication channels and a powerful tool to attract and retain your audience.

In the right hands, Email Marketing offers an enormous potential. E-mailing or newsletter campaigns not only allow you to connect and interact with your audience, they also build an excellent conversion channel that turns curious users into loyal customers.

At SEMSEO we are an agency with extensive experience in Email Marketing. We help our clients to take full advantage of all the benefits that come with email as a communication and sales channel. With minimal investment, we can improve the relationship with your customers and increase your conversions.

Do you want to boost your sales? Get new clients? Generate branding? Communicate with your audience to tell them about your company news? Whatever you need, at SEMSEO we will take care of comprehensively designing the most dynamic and effective campaigns.

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How our Email Marketing campaigns work?

At our Email Marketing agency in Barcelona we have delivered millions of emails on behalf of our clients and we have pressed the launch button on all kinds of campaigns, each with its own characteristics and goals, but all forming part of a well-studied and defined strategy.

The success of our campaigns is based on a meticulous work methodology that controls all the elements of your email shipments, from the design and subject matter of the email to the content and message you seek to convey.

At SEMSEO we take care of all the details that affect the success of your campaigns so that all you need do is get comfortable and enjoy the ride.

Define your objectives

The first step we need to take is to precisely define the objectives that we want to achieve via this communication channel. Boost sales for a product or service, promote a special offer, attract new subscribers, inform your customers about company news... Whatever your objective, defining it will form the basis of a successful campaign.

Campaign configuration and planning

Once you have defined what you want to achieve with your campaign, it is time to plan your Email Marketing strategy. We register you with the most popular Email Marketing tools such as Mailchimp and we take care of generating an email plan carefully adapted to your needs (format, type of message, frequency ... etc.)

Attract and create your audience

Expanding your subscriber portfolio is essential for your email campaign to bear an impact and ensure results. We create and segment your audience from your customer email databases, or we help you attract new subscribers by implementing subscription blocks on your website.

Design of Newsletters

We handmade design your emails in order to ensure great open and click ratio. We generate relevant content and present it in the most visually attractive way. We create fully responsive designs that adapt 100% to mobile devices so that users can interact with you wherever they are.

Send your message

Once your campaigns are ready for takeoff, we take care of scheduling and sending the emails at the most favourable times.

Website integration

We configure the landing pages and forms to subsequently insert them in strategic places on your website in order to grow your email lists.

Marketing Automation

We implement advanced functionalities so that Newsletters are sent to the right person at the perfect time: a discount coupon on their birthday, an email with their abandoned shopping cart to complete interrupted purchases... and much more.

«Connect with your audience and convey the values of your brand»

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Find your plan


Basic Plan

From 480€(+ VAT)
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  • Definition of objectives
  • Registration and configuration of your account with Mailchimp or the Email Marketing tool of your choice
  • Email Marketing strategy
  • Creation of bespoke email template for your business
  • Training and documentation session

Pro Plan

From 960€(+ VAT)
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Includes all the features of a Basic Plan, plus:

  • Design of 3 completely bespoke Newsletter templates
  • Configuration for measuring results obtained
  • Integration of subscription forms on your website
  • Configuration of marketing automation


From 240€/month(+ VAT)
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  • Creation of monthly Newsletters
  • Tracking and measuring of results obtained
  • Client capture actions to expand your email lists
  • Advise and technical support
  • Delivery of emails
Email Marketing Agency in Barcelona

Succcess stories

At SEMSEO, our Email Marketing agency in Barcelona, we are proud to have led our clients to success thanks to successful Email Marketing campaigns. Among the clients who have entrusted their companies to us, we highlight:

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