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Case study

Overcoming seasonality: Newell de Montplet's success on Amazon

  • Customer:Laboratorios Montplet

1. Diagnosis

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Laboratorios Montplet launched a new brand of products on the Spanish market called Newell, which is mainly aimed at children. This line includes products specialised in the prevention and treatment of head lice and mosquitoes. Given the strong competition with well-known brands in the Spanish market, the decision was made to enter Amazon as the main online sales channel. Another limitation, apart from competitors, is the high seasonality of these products, with sales concentrated in spring and, above all, summer, limiting the windows of opportunity to maximise sales. Faced with this scenario, Semseo was selected as the Amazon agency to design and implement a comprehensive digital strategy that would not only successfully establish Newell's Amazon shop, but also ensure its sustained growth throughout the year.

2. Action plan

  1. Creation of Newell's Amazon Store: we developed an attractive and functional Amazon Store for Newell, ensuring that every aspect, from navigation to multimedia content, was optimised for conversion.
  2. Seasonality issue: Consumer buying behaviour for anti-lice and anti-mosquito products is highly seasonal, with most sales concentrated in the summer. We concentrated investment in PPC campaigns on Amazon that would adapt to the high-demand seasons, but reserved a small budget for the rest of the year.
  3. Adaptive content strategy: We implemented a content writing calendar with the aim of breaking seasonality, maintaining brand relevance throughout the year.
  4. Customer loyalty: We develop loyalty programmes and email marketing strategies to increase spend per user, while maintaining Newell's brand recall for longer.
  5. Improved product listings: We optimise the titles, descriptions and keywords of anti-mosquito and anti-lice products to ensure their visibility and relevance in Amazon searches.
  6. Nice prices: We analysed the market to define a consistent pricing policy that would boost the visibility of our products on Amazon but without sacrificing the perception of quality.
  7. Response to reviews and questions: We implemented a system to actively manage user reviews and questions, improving brand and product trust.
  8. Off-page SEO: We strengthened Newell's online presence by creating valuable content and external links that drove quality traffic to the Amazon channel.
  9. Better pictures: We ensured that product images were of high quality and compliant with Amazon best practices to ensure their attractiveness.
  10. Competitor analysis: We continuously monitored competitors to adapt and improve our strategies in real time.
  11. Continuous improvement through analytics: We used analytics tools to monitor, adjust and improve the performance of Newell's Amazon shop.

3. Results

Creation of Newell's first Amazon shop
Increased sales on Amazon
Amazon as the first online sales channel
The goal was simple: increase product visibility to drive online sales. Thanks to SEO on Amazon, achieved by optimising product listings and product cards, we achieved a good level of visibility and ranking in Amazon search results.

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