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Case study

Digital boost in the medical sector: The rise of Centro Médico Aragón

1. Diagnosis

digital marketing strategy for cma
Centro Médico Aragón is a leader in gynaecology and legal abortion. The company hired the digital marketing agency Semseo with the dual objective of increasing turnover and expanding internationally. To achieve this, a digital marketing strategy based on SEO and SEM was designed, even though we were aware of the existing SEM advertising restrictions due to Google's policies in the health sector. The collaboration with Semseo focused on overcoming these limitations through innovative SEO and SEM strategies, and the development of specific websites for different business lines and geographic locations, including the recruitment of international patients from Italy and France.

2. Action plan

  1. Website development by line of business and location: We created different websites to specifically address the needs of each service and location (Barcelona, Girona and Palma de Mallorca), optimised for local SEO.
  2. Local SEO for patient recruitment: We implement local SEO strategies to increase visibility in searches related to the services offered in the cities where Centro Médico Aragón has a physical presence, mainly in Barcelona, Girona and Palma de Mallorca. Besides Google, we are going to work on Bing Places and Apple Maps.
  3. International SEO: We developed an international SEO strategy to attract patients from countries with more restrictive regulations, specifically Italy and France. These websites were created with territorial domains and obviously in the language of the target country. The main objective of the websites is to provide information about the advantages of abortion services under Spanish legislation, one of the most advanced in the world.
  4. Development of online parallel projects: Two new websites were launched: Bless Clinics and CMA Salud, with the aim of diversifying the business and capturing new market segments such as aesthetic medicine or gynaecology, urology or intimate surgery.
  5. Strategic use of Google Ads: Despite Google's advertising restrictions in the health sector, we optimise Google Ads campaigns for critical keywords, maximising visibility within the allowed limits.
  6. Focus on EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trust). We promote the authority and trustworthiness of the medical centre through the inclusion on the website of the medical team's profiles, experience and registration number, using Schema tagging to improve Google's understanding of the organisation.
  7. Establishing a presence on authoritative platforms: We implement linkbuilding strategies to obtain links from authority portals in the medical sector, increasing the trust and visibility of the medical centre in search engines.
  8. Optimisation with schema tagging: We apply Schema markup in depth on the website so that Google can better understand the subject matter of our business, the services offered and the navigation structure of the site.
  9. WordPress reprogramming: All websites were redesigned and developed in WordPress to ensure a robust, secure and SEO friendly platform that allows the client to manage the content autonomously.

3. Results

Increase in SEO traffic on all websites.
Increase in traffic on all websites.
More than 1 million visits per year.
The case of Centro Médico Aragón is an outstanding example of how a well-executed digital marketing strategy can overcome industry constraints and achieve good business results. The combination of advanced SEO techniques and creative SEM adaptations to overcome advertising policy restrictions improved the clinic's online visibility and expanded its reach to international patients.

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