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Soñodina: We achieve dreams with advanced SEO strategies

1. Diagnosis

SEO strategy for Soñodina
Soñodina is an innovative solution to improve night's rest, both for adults and children. It is currently one of the leading brands in the Spanish market. Aware of the potential of this product and its relevance to health and wellbeing, our Semseo team took on the challenge of designing and implementing a comprehensive SEO strategy to upgrade Soñodina as a market leader in natural sleep solutions. On a more concrete level, the objectives were: to optimise its online presence to attract a wider audience and improve its online visibility, reinforcing its brand image, improving metrics in visits and lead downloads.

2. Action plan

  1. Website redesign: A complete revamp of the website was carried out in WordPress, focusing on improving the user experience through an intuitive and attractive design, incorporating visual elements related to rest and relaxation at night.
  2. Advanced On-page SEO strategy: A great work has been done in improvement of URL structure, optimised meta descriptions and titles with strategic keywords.
  3. Quality content development and EEAT: Creation of valuable content focused on topics related to sleep improvement, including blogs, articles and guides. This, allowed Soñodina to be perceived as an authority in the melatonin and healthy sleep niche.
  4. Technical SEO optimisation: Technical improvements were made to the site, such as optimising loading speed by compressing images and minifying CSS and JavaScript, as well as implementing structured data to improve presence in Google's featured snippets.
  5. Link Building strategy: Development of a link building strategy to increase site authority through partnerships with high authority health and wellness related sites.
  6. Innovation in traffic channels: Introduction of Google Web Stories as a new channel to capture visits, seeking to diversify traffic sources and attract new audience segments.
  7. To improve customer retention and CRO, we created an interactive quiz on the website to recommend the Soñodina brand product that best suits each user.

3. Results

Increase in users
Increase in the download of medical leaflets
Decline in in bounce rate
Thanks to this set of CRO and SEO strategies, we achieved an impressive 493.2% growth in website visits, a 675% increase in lead downloads and reduced the bounce rate by half.

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