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Case study

Doraemon and Shin Chan: A multisite adventure with SEO and SEM to the rescue

1. Diagnosis

doraemon and shin chan
Luk Internacional is the owner of the beloved and iconic brands Doraemon and Shin Chan. Its Spanish branch has hired us to revolutionise their online presence in Spain and Portugal through an ambitious multisite project developed in Prestashop. Our digital marketing agency has been in charge of bringing this challenge to life, creating two online shops that not only captured the essence of each character but also improved their SEO and user experience.

2. Action plan

  1. Prestashop development: Prestashop was selected for its flexibility and ability to handle a multisite environment effectively from a single backoffice.
  2. Brand-focused design: Each e-commerce was given a unique design that reflected the personality of the characters, with a distinctive use of colours and illustrations, ensuring an immersive and engaging user experience.
  3. Strategic use of typography: Specific fonts were chosen for each character, such as BradyBunch for Shin Chan and Sniglet for Doraemon, to maintain consistency with each brand's identity
  4. On-Page SEO implementation: We worked meticulously on the optimisation of each page, with special attention to metadata, tags and content structure to improve search engine ranking.
  5. Branded content strategy: Exclusive and engaging content related to each franchise's products and story was developed to increase user retention and improve SEO.
  6. Mobile first design: Considering the prevalence of mobile internet access, the shops were optimised for mobile devices, ensuring smooth and fast navigation.
  7. Backoffice interconnection: The multisite structure allowed for more effective internal management by sharing the backoffice, simplifying inventory, order and customer management.
  8. Merchant Center configuration: Google Merchant Center was configured for each shop, allowing products to appear organically in Google Shopping searches, increasing visibility and sales potential.
  9. Schema markup implementation: Configured for products, which significantly improved the presentation of products in search results, increasing CTR and boosting conversion rate by providing detailed information such as price, availability and reviews directly in search results.
  10. SEM campaign: The entire SEO strategy was complemented with a permanent SEM campaign, implementing actions on Google Ads, Youtube and Instagram Ads to maximise visibility and attract qualified traffic, targeting an increase in online conversions and sales.

3. Results

Growth in visits.
We surpasse one million visitors.
Reach the top SERPS on Google for keywords of Doraemon and Shin Chan in Spain.

The impact of these strategic actions was immediate and significant, achieving an impressive 314% growth in visits, surpassing one million visitors and reaching the top positions on Google for keywords related to Doraemon and Shin Chan in Spain.

This success story demonstrates the power of a well-executed SEO strategy in the e-commerce environment, especially when combined with brand-centric web design, an optimised user experience and a well-integrated SEM strategy. Luk International has set a new standard in the way licensed products are promoted online, setting a new standard in the industry.

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