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Case study

Fesmés, the SEO revolution in DIY

1. Diagnosis

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Fesmés has become a benchmark for digital innovation within the DIY market. Its collaboration with SEO agency Semseo unfolded a digital marketing strategy that integrated both SEO and SEM, achieving impressive milestones. We will detail the key actions that propelled Fesmés to surpass one and a half million annual visits, establishing SEO as its primary customer acquisition source.

2. Action plan

  1. Online store redesign to provide a more current design and enhance Fesmés brand recognition.
  2. Enhanced e-commerce performance. Migration from Prestashop 1.6 to 1.7.8: to improve efficiency and security, ensuring a solid foundation for future expansions.
  3. Integration with the company's business intelligence: Connecting e-commerce with SAP and integration with APIs like Commerzia or Splio to automate and enhance inventory, order, and customer service management.
  4. On-page SEO optimization: The site's structure in Prestashop was refined, improving meta tags, headings, and content to climb positions in relevant searches.
  5. Boosting searches: At the CRO level, the doofinder search engine was implemented to enhance searches within the website itself.
  6. Technical SEO in PreStashop: Load speed optimization and continuous UX improvement to maintain and increase conversion rates.
  7. Creation of specialized content: Focusing on content that resolves doubts and provides added value, from tutorials to practical DIY tips.
  8. Precise SEM strategy: Carefully planned Google Ads campaigns to improve visibility with efficient CPC management.
  9. SEO on YouTube: Optimizing Fesmés' YouTube channel to strengthen the brand and improve its positioning, leveraging the popularity of its bricohero videos.
  10. Implementation of E-E-A-T: Focusing on the Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness of the online store to bolster its credibility.
  11. Schema "How to": Integration of specific markup for tutorials and step-by-step guides, improving visibility in rich search results.
  12. Promotion of positive reviews: Strategies to capture favorable opinions on Google, increasing trust and conversion.
  13. SEO on Bing: Extending the SEO strategy to Bing, taking advantage of its unique differences and opportunities.
  14. Boosting local SEO: Implementing strategies on Bing Places and Apple Maps, expanding local visibility beyond Google.

3. Results

We reached almost 2 million visits.
CPC decrease.
SEO as the main channel of visits.
The outcome of all these actions, among many others, was exceptional: Fesmés not only increased its annual visits to over one and a half million but also reduced its CPC by 41.17%, solidifying SEO as its main channel for customer acquisition.

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