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Digital Creation and launch of the Northdeco brand: A case of enduring growth in seo

1. Diagnosis

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Northdeco, a leading e-commerce in designer furniture, embarked on a complete digital transformation with the help of the digital marketing agency Semseo. From the creation of its corporate image to the programming of a custom online store and later on Prestashop, Northdeco has experienced phenomenal growth. Complemented with SEO and SEM strategies, the result has been a significant increase in visibility, visits, and conversion, consolidating Northdeco as a benchmark in the online designer furniture market.

2. Action plan

  1. Creation of the graphic brand: We created the visual identity of Northdeco from scratch, establishing a coherent and attractive one-ink graphic brand that reflects the quality and design of its Nordic-inspired products.
  2. Custom web conceptualization and design: Initially, a conceptualization process of Northdeco's website design was carried out, focused on reflecting the brand's essence with the aim of ensuring that the visual identity and website navigation not only captured users' attention but also facilitated a pleasant and efficient shopping experience.
  3. Migration and optimization in Prestashop: The initial custom-programmed website was migrated to the Prestashop platform. This change was carefully managed to maintain all the accumulated SEO.
  4. Programming in Prestashop: Programming in Prestashop allowed for the creation of a unique e-commerce that stands out in the competitive designer furniture market, offering specific functionalities adapted to Northdeco's needs. A web architecture focused on enhancing SEO was also designed.
  5. Tagging system to improve navigation: We implemented an advanced tagging system to link products and relevant information, making it easier for users to intuitively discover content of interest.
  6. Advanced filters and search engines: We programmed a complete system of filters and search engines that help users find exactly what they are looking for, significantly improving the user experience. Special emphasis was placed on intelligent faceting, allowing the creation of URLs by category or search without generating excessive URLs that could penalize positioning.
  7. Enhancement of product sheets: Product sheets were designed to contain detailed information, with a focus on internal linking and tagging to optimize navigation and SEO.
  8. Website load speed optimization: Given the importance of load speed for SEO and user experience, technical adjustments were made to reduce loading time, including image optimization and the implementation of efficient code.
  9. Content marketing: A content marketing strategy was developed that includes the creation of blog articles related to design trends, decorating tips, and furniture maintenance. This helped position Northdeco as an authority in its sector, improving SEO and providing value to its customers.
  10. Use of social media for engagement: We expanded Northdeco's presence on social media, using platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook to inspire followers with decorating ideas, showcase new products, and build a community around the brand.
  11. Implementation of chatbots and online support: To improve customer service and facilitate the purchasing process, chatbots and online support were implemented, ensuring that user inquiries are answered in a minimal time.
  12. Audience analysis and segmentation for SEM campaigns: Detailed audience analyses were conducted to effectively segment SEM campaigns, directing advertising efforts to the most relevant segments with the highest potential for conversion.
  13. SEM campaigns: Design of paid campaigns on Google Ads. All types of sales-focused ads are planned and launched, including search ads, Shopping, display on competitor websites, and remarketing. These SEM campaigns were reinforced with hybrid Performance Max (PMAX) campaigns.
  14. SEM retargeting: We implemented retargeting strategies to recover users who did not complete a purchase, showing them personalized ads based on their previous navigation on the website through display campaigns. Remarketing campaigns against competitors were also created.
  15. Social ads: With the goal of increasing brand awareness and creating a loyal community of followers, a series of campaigns on social networks were planned to promote the account, increasing followers and interaction with posts.
  16. CRO optimization: Improvement and streamlining on the website of the purchasing processes and increase of the CTR in the product sheets to take advantage of all the quality traffic captured through the SEO and SEM channels directing it towards the final purchase.
  17. WPO: Optimization of the website's content, both in terms of text and images as well as resources and code, to ensure the best loading speed and user experience.
  18. Loyalty program: A loyalty program was designed to encourage repeat purchases and increase the lifetime value of the customer, offering discounts, exclusive offers, and early access to new products to members.
  19. International SEO: The reach of the strategy was expanded to new countries. An International SEO strategy was designed to position in countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Portugal. Taking into account domain extensions, hreflang language attributes as well as content and keywords adapted to each region.

3. Results

Annual increase in total visits.
Increase in annual visits from SEO.
Doubling of the number of URLs indexed on Google
Northdeco managed, thanks in part to our support as a digital marketing agency, to carve out a niche among the big players in the online designer furniture sales channel. We took care of everything from the creation of the graphic brand and the design and programming of the online store to the design of digital marketing strategies supported by SEO, SEM, and SMO, achieving very good results.

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