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Case study

SEO and SEM success in the healthcare world: how DH Medical Material becomes the online leader

1. Diagnosis

SEO DH Material médico
DH Material Médico is an online shop with a fundamentally B2B focus and dedicated to the sale of medical material for all types of clinics and healthcare centres. Since the company's inception, we have taken on the challenge of increasing its online visibility and improving its conversion rates in a highly competitive market. Over the years, we have managed to implement a multichannel digital marketing strategy (SEO, SEM, CRO or content development and optimisation, among others), which has not only significantly increased web traffic and orders, but has also allowed us to position DH Material Médico as a leader in the online medical equipment sector.

2. Action plan

  1. Specific SEO for Bing: In addition to Google, the site was optimised for the Bing search engine, increasing visibility and attracting an additional audience.
  2. Implementation of EEAT in the e-commerce: Emphasis was placed on the Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EEAT) of the shop, incorporating content and functionalities that reflect the authority and trustworthiness of DH Medical Supplies in the sector.
  3. SEO optimisation by category and product: Extensive technical and content optimisation work was carried out for the hundreds of categories and thousands of products available, significantly improving search engine rankings.
  4. Redesign of the URL structure, taking into account the hierarchy of each category, subcategory and product sheet.
  5. Development of a deep navigation menu: A deep menu was programmed to facilitate internal interlinking, improving usability and on-site SEO. Being such a large online shop, it added an extra point of difficulty in terms of crawling (Crawl Budget), loading speed and magnitude of pages to be indexed and positioned.
  6. Improvements in terms of loading speed: Optimisation of images, resources, source code, unnecessary redirections...
  7. Installation of Doofinder: To improve direct access to products in such an extensive catalogue, Doofinder was implemented, improving the user's search experience and increasing conversions.
  8. Integration with ERP: The website was connected to the company's ERP to integrate business processes and improve operational efficiency.
  9. Advanced filtering and faceted system: A filtering system was developed that simplified the product search, carefully working on the faceted system to avoid the automatic generation of indexable URLs with duplicate content.
  10. Generating trust through reviews: User ratings were incorporated through TrustedShops to increase trust in the shop.
  11. Diversified payment methods: Multiple payment options were implemented, including Scalapay for instalment payments.
  12. Email marketing: A complete email marketing solution was integrated with Mailchimp, allowing for everything from recovering abandoned carts to sending personalised offers.
  13. Blog connected with the catalogue: The blog was enhanced, connecting it directly with the product catalogue to recommend purchases from the news and articles in the blog, boosting conversion.
  14. Multi-platform SEM strategies: Campaigns were managed in Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising and Meta Ads, using data intelligence to guide actions towards an optimal return on investment (ROI).

3. Results

First position in Google for main keywords such as "medical material", "health material" and "medical material shop".
Annual increase in visits, year on year.
Annual increase in orders.

The digital strategy implemented for DH Material Médico demonstrates how a precise and powerful digital marketing strategy can be designed to deliver results. This is independent of the size of the company, as long as the company is willing to invest financial resources, dedication and enthusiasm.

The combination of technical optimisation, quality content, the use of advanced tools and smart integrations and a solid digital marketing strategy has not only boosted DH Material Médico's online visibility but has also positioned it as the benchmark in the online medical equipment sector.

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