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Case study

Layer Boots: we put ourselves in our clients' shoes and boost their sales thanks to SEO and SEM

1. Diagnosis

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Layer Boots, an online shop dedicated to the sale of boho style clothing and accessories, faced the challenge of increasing its online visibility and sales far beyond the sales generated by its extensive brand recognition. SEMSEO digital marketing agency SEMSEO got involved in the design of a digital marketing strategy based on three main lines: social media, SEO and SEM, along with effective collaboration with influencers. This case study details the actions taken and the results obtained.

2. Action plan

  1. Redesign and reprogramming of the online shop: Complete redesign and reprogramming of the website, uploading different versions of Prestashop to offer a more attractive user experience and improve conversion rates.
  2. On-page and off-page SEO optimisation: Implementation of advanced SEO practices, focusing on improving site structure, loading speed, and creating valuable content focused on key keywords such as "boho sandals" and "boho boots".
  3. Advanced SEO in product categories: We have worked mainly on the product categories at SEO level.
  4. Top positions in Google SERPS. In one year we have managed to position in the first or second position all the main keywords of the sector such as "boho boots" and "boho sandals".
  5. Google Ads and Google Shopping campaigns: Strategic use of Google Shopping as the main sales channel and launch of SEM campaigns to capture traffic that converts.
  6. Collaboration with celebrities and influencers: Establishment of partnerships with influencers and celebrities to dress and promote the products, increasing the visibility of the brand on social networks.
  7. Integration of multiple payment methods: Incorporation of multiple payment methods, including local options for different countries, such as Bizzum in Spain or Bancomat in Italy. Also implementation of Sequra for payment in instalments, facilitating international purchases.
  8. Fighting product seasonality: Adjusting promotional strategies to overcome the seasonality of products whose sales are concentrated in spring and summer, focusing efforts on the launch of less seasonal items such as boho bags.
  9. Connection with the Meta catalogue: Integration of the product catalogue with the Meta platform, via the business manager, to obtain sales directly on social networks, especially on Instagram.

3. Results

Growth in SEO visits.
Top 3 in Google for all major keywords.
Achievement of Google Shopping as second channel of visits.

The joint work of Layer Boots and SEMSEO culminated in an impressive 778% growth in SEO visits, ranking in the top 3 of Google for all major keywords, and establishing Google Shopping as the second channel for attracting customers. The conversion rate experienced a significant increase thanks to the introduction of various payment methods and a web redesign that improved the user experience. The strategic actions implemented not only increased Layer Boots' visibility and sales, but also diversified traffic sources, reducing reliance on branded searches and strengthening its online presence in a highly competitive market.

This successful case study demonstrates how a well-executed digital strategy can transform a brand's online presence, even in highly specialised and competitive sectors. The collaboration between Layer Boots and Semseo reflects the power of advanced SEO and SEM practices, along with the importance of adapting to market trends and consumer needs.

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