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Case study

Okasional Beer: A digital marketing revolution in the craft beer market

1. Diagnosis

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Okasional Beer has distinguished itself in the crowded craft beer market, thanks to a robust digital strategy crafted by the digital marketing agency Semseo.

This collaboration has redefined not only the online shopping experience for beer fans but also the brand's visibility in a highly competitive sector. All under the application of correctly applied SEO and SEM strategies.

2. Action plan

  1. Redesign and reprogramming in PrestaShop: We redesigned and reprogrammed the online shop using the PrestaShop platform, improving its usability, speed and SEO capacity and, in addition, reinforcing the company's brand image.
  2. SEO-optimised web architecture: We created a new web structure to improve SEO, especially through faceted SEO, allowing URLs optimised by brand, packaging type or source without penalties.
  3. Advanced tag system: We implemented a tag system to link products with information of interest, improving navigation and user experience.
  4. Advanced filters and search engines: We created advanced filter and search engine systems, making it easier for users to find the products they are looking for, improving the experience and conversion.
  5. EEAT content by category: We improve SEO by category with content signed by recognised experts, adding value and authority to the site.
  6. Google reviews: We integrate the Google review system, allowing users to rate beers and generating trust and engagement.
  7. Frequently Asked Questions with schema: We develop lists of frequently asked questions, optimised with schema, to improve search engine visibility and resolve specific user queries.
  8. Improved product sheets: Product sheets now contain detailed information, are internally linked and tagged, improving on-page SEO and user experience.
  9. Gamification and loyalty: We launched gamification and loyalty strategies to drive sales and build a strong database for email marketing.
  10. SEO Barcelona. We boosted local seo for Okasional Beer's physical shop in Barcelona, increasing its visibility and attracting more visitors.
  11. SEM campaign for local acquisition: We executed a hybrid PMAX campaign to drive traffic to the physical shop in Barcelona, improving local recognition.
  12. SEM campaigns on Google Ads: We deployed Google Ads campaigns, including display, search and shopping, focused on promoting specific beer brands and attracting a wider target audience.

3. Results

Annual growth in visits.
We have more than doubled sales in a single year.
Increase in average time on the website.

The implementation of these actions has resulted in an annual growth in visits of more than 116%, a doubling of sales and an increase in average time on the website of more than 160%.

Not only have we established Okasional Beer as a benchmark in the craft beer market, but we have also set the standard for business adaptation and growth in the online sector. The combination of a well-executed SEO and SEM strategy, with a focus on user experience and quality content, has been key to achieving these outstanding results.

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