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Case study

SEO and SEM to shine in the online jewelry sector

1. Diagnosis

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Solanes Jewelry is a local jewelry that has stood out for its impressive growth over the last year. We devised a digital marketing strategy supported by SEO and SEM campaigns. Solanes has not only managed to increase its digital presence but also its revenue significantly.

2. Action plan

  1. New website design: The online store was redesigned to improve usability and user experience, ensuring a logical and attractive structure that facilitates the conversion of visitors into customers. In addition, the new design is much more elegant and modern, clearly reinforcing the Solanes brand.
  2. Migration to PrestaShop platform: The entire website was reprogrammed, moving from a custom-made online store to an e-commerce site made in PrestaShop.
  3. Comprehensive SEO audit: A thorough audit of the Solanes website was conducted, identifying opportunities for improvement in site structure, loading speed, and optimization for mobile devices.
  4. Keyword optimization: A meticulous selection and optimization of keywords relevant to the jewelry and watch sector were implemented, focusing on terms with high search volume and relevance to Solanes' buyer persona.
  5. Creation of valuable content: Unique and high-quality content that responds to specific customer queries was developed, thus improving the site's authority and fostering engagement.
  6. Optimized SEM campaigns: Highly targeted online advertising campaigns were launched to capture qualified traffic, using platforms such as Google Ads and social networks.
  7. Collaboration with Ari Sánchez: A special collection was created in collaboration with Ari Sánchez, the world's top padel player. This partnership was accompanied by an engagement campaign through SEM, using Discover and Performance Max on Google channels.
  8. Launch of an annual jewelry magazine: The launch of an annual jewelry magazine was actively promoted through social networks, with the aim of strengthening the Solanes brand.
  9. Live product presentations: On social media, live product presentations were devised for followers, generating significant interaction and buzz on Instagram.
  10. Continuous analysis and monitoring: A system of continuous tracking and analysis was established to assess the performance of the implemented SEO and SEM strategies, allowing dynamic adjustments to maximize results.

3. Results

Increase in visits.
Increase in pages viewed per customer.
Increase in revenue.

Thanks to these actions, Solanes experienced a 253% increase in visits, a 15-fold increase in revenue, and a 230% increase in pages viewed per customer.

This success case demonstrates the power of a well-executed SEO and SEM strategy in the world of ecommerce. The digital transformation of Solanes Jewelry highlights the importance of adapting to digital trends and the effectiveness of an integrated online digital strategy in achieving outstanding results.

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