Why optimise your site for mobile devices?

mobile optimisation
«Optimisation is one of the indispensable elements for your website.»

Increasingly, we use our mobile phones to connect and browse the internet. Therefore, it's important that our websites are adapted to different devices, especially mobile.

Furthermore, having an optimised site will allow you to rank higher in Google search results.  

But... What should we consider?

URL Type: We can employ different techniques, but it's important not to neglect SEO in order to carry out the optimal strategy. We can use:

  • Responsive Design: URLs and HTML code remain the same regardless of the device type.
  • Dynamic Publishing: The URL remains the same, but its code differs.
  • Separated URLs: URLs and HTML code are different, so depending on the type of device the user is connecting from, they will be redirected to one page or another.

Therefore, it's important that our design is always responsive, so that it can be correctly displayed on any device and provide a good user experience.

Other elements to consider

We should also consider content and design factors.

  • The content should be the same on desktop and mobile devices: It's important that, although there may be fewer elements on mobile, no information is lost.
  • Easy-to-use and navigate design: This will allow users to easily find the elements they're looking for, thus reducing bounce rates.

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