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Triumph on Amazon: Olis Bargalló's strategy to connect with the private customer

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1. Diagnosis

Olis Bargalló Amazon consultancy

Olis Bargalló is one of the most renowned premium olive oil producers in Spain. At the online level, the company has an online shop focused mainly on the sale of products for restaurants and gastronomic professionals. Olis Bargalló came to our agency with the need to strengthen its B2B ties and open its own path towards sales to individuals.

The company hired the agency Semseo with the aim of carrying out a digital consultancy that would lead to a digital marketing plan that would allow them to boost sales digitally and strengthen their online reputation. Through the collaboration with Semseo, the company has not only managed to revitalise its image and digital presence, but has also experienced significant growth in its online sales, mainly due to its entry into the Amazon sales channel.

Getting a company onto Amazon and ensuring its success involves a series of steps and "fighting" the bureaucracy of the marketplace: from initial registration to optimising product sheets. Here we detail how this process was carried out for Olis Bargalló, maximising its presence and sales on this e-commerce platform.

2. Action plan

  1. Registration on Amazon Seller Central: The first step was to create an account on Amazon Seller Central, choosing the right type of account for Olis Bargalló. We opted for a professional seller account, given the brand's intention to sell on a large scale. This process involved providing detailed information about the company, in order to meet Amazon's requirements and to be able to manage sales and revenue effectively.
  2. Creation of the company profile: Once registered, we proceeded to create and customise the company profile on Amazon. This included entering relevant information about Olis Bargalló, such as its history, mission, and values, as well as details about the quality and origin of its olive oils. This profile seeks to connect with customers, communicating the authenticity behind the brand.
  3. Amazon Brand Registry: To protect the brand and take advantage of advanced marketing tools offered by Amazon, we registered Olis Bargalló in the Amazon Brand Registry programme. This step was crucial to secure the brand's rights on the platform and gain access to functionalities such as A+ Content, which allows product descriptions to be enriched with multimedia content, thus improving the visibility and attractiveness of the listings.
  4. Optimisation of product cards. Product page optimisation was essential to improve search visibility and increase conversions.
  5. Keyword selection: We conducted thorough keyword research relevant to Olis Bargalló's products, ensuring that the product cards were easy to find by the target audience.
  6. High quality photographs: We uploaded professional photographs that clearly showed the product and highlighted its features and benefits, meeting Amazon's visual quality standards.
  7. Detailed descriptions: We wrote detailed and engaging descriptions for each product, using the selected keywords and providing all the necessary information to persuade customers to make a purchase.
  8. Use of A+ Content: For brands such as Olis Bargalló, we take advantage of the A+ Content option to enrich product cards with enhanced content, including product comparisons, additional images and brand narratives.
  9. Pricing and logistics strategy: We defined a pricing strategy that was as competitive as possible, taking into account costs and the brand's positioning in the premium oil segment. In addition, we opted to use the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service to manage logistics, which allowed us to offer Amazon Prime customers fast and free shipping, thus improving the attractiveness of Olis Bargalló products.
  10. Sales internalisation. Expanding to new markets allows us to continue to grow and bring our brand to a fresh public interested in our products. We continue to use Amazon to internalise sales and reach more buyers.
  11. Customer loyalty. Parallel to the entry on Amazon, a Landing Page is created for a competition, within the framework of a congress, where all kinds of prizes are raffled. In this way, we encourage the gamification and loyalty of new customers, as well as obtaining a valuable database that allows us to work on mail marketing for the company, encouraging loyalty and repeat purchases.

3. Results

Success in entering Amazon
Objective achieved: access to the individual customer
Objective achieved: creation of an extensive customer database
Olis Bargalló's entry into Amazon has been a success. The creation of a company profile on Amazon, the registration of the brand, and the meticulous optimisation of the product files have allowed Olis Bargalló to achieve high visibility on this platform, resulting in a significant increase in online sales to individuals, a channel that the company had difficulty accessing. But we have not remained exclusively in the Amazon ecosystem, we have also created a website for competitions in order to carry out, subsequently, loyalty and promotional strategies through email marketing.

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