Case study

Igniting digital success: The SEM strategy of Vilahermanos

1. Diagnosis

SEM campaigns for Vilahermanos

Vila Hermanos is a highly reputable company dedicated to the artisanal production and distribution of decorative and scented candles. A candlemaker located in Valencia that has brought the most emblematic fragrances to all types of homes since 1884.

At Semseo, we take care of the company's digital marketing. In this success case, we analyze our SEM strategy for the brand, focused on creating a distinctive brand image, boosting sales, and making the brand known abroad.

Due to the intrinsic characteristics of its sector, where smell is essential to appreciate and decide to buy, the biggest challenge of this project was to give maximum visibility to its products. The strategy to achieve this relied on advertising platforms such as Google Ads and Meta Ads, enhancing through the SEM channel the qualities and benefits of their aromatic candles impacting their most relevant audience.

2. Action plan

  1. Sector and competition analysis. This is the preliminary step to defining any SEM campaigns. Conducting a comprehensive study of the market and competition is vital to understand the ecosystem we move in and the opportunities we can use to our advantage.
  2. Multichannel SEM strategies: We execute SEM campaigns that include display, organic social, and Google Shopping, expanding our presence and visibility on multiple fronts to address different audience segments.
  3. Search campaigns on Google Ads: Creation of attractive search ads focused on achieving a high CTR, with the goal of attracting all those direct searches on Google with purchase intention related to our product.
  4. Display campaigns on Google Ads: Banner format ads, with attractive and visual images of Vila Hermanos candles, appearing on websites related to the audience's interests, competition, or remarketing ads shown to those users who visited the website but did not make a purchase.
  5. SEM campaigns for international interior designers: We launch specific SEM campaigns aimed at interior designers from various countries, seeking to capture this highly relevant and high-potential purchase market niche.
  6. Campaigns on Meta Ads: Ads based on product promotion and posts on social networks, with the goal of increasing the company's branding, connecting with its own community of followers, and reinforcing the traffic received from this channel. We work jointly with Facebook and Instagram.
  7. Optimization of landing pages. For our SEM campaigns to be successful, we carry out all necessary improvements on the pages where the user will land with the goal of improving the user experience and, consequently, improving final conversions.
  8. Graphic design of campaigns: We develop exclusive graphic material for advertising campaigns, adapting them to the peculiarities of each social platform. In this way, we ensure the visual coherence of the brand across all channels.
  9. Support in content creation: We optimize content for social networks in various formats, adapting to the specific algorithms of each platform to maximize the reach and interaction of our target audience.
  10. Exhaustive campaign tracking: We implement detailed tracking to measure the results of the campaigns in real time, allowing us to adjust and optimize strategies to achieve maximum efficiency in each advertising action.

3. Results

Online annual revenue increase
Improvement of the CTR
Achievement of a CPC lower than €0.06
Vilahermanos has experienced significant growth in revenue and engagement, firmly establishing itself in the international luxury landscape. This has been achieved thanks to a multichannel approach that includes Google Ads and Social Ads. All under the prism of our marketing agency's graphic creativity, which has allowed not only to reach but also to exceed Vilahermanos' marketing objectives.

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