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Revolutionising pool cleaning: Maytronics' SEO and SEM success story

1. Diagnosis

dolphin robot pool cleaners

Maytronics is the world's leading manufacturer of robotic pool cleaners, both in market share and innovation. The company operates in a mature market characterised by aggressive pricing and high competition.

The company hired Semseo with the aim of increasing visits to its website and boosting sales through its online and offline partners. The challenge was no small one: it was a high-priced and technically complex product, which required a significant investment of time on the part of potential customers to learn about its advantages and select the right model. The solution was, and still is, the implementation of a comprehensive strategy that included SEO, SEM and content marketing, managed by our digital marketing agency.

2. Action plan

  1. In-depth keyword analysis. Pool cleaners are a product that is searched for in Google in many different ways. Thanks to an exhaustive keyword study combined with competitor analysis, we find the main keywords that solve the customers' search intention and we expand them with more long-tail searches.
  2. In-depth competitor analysis: We conducted a detailed study of competitors in the automatic pool cleaner market. This analysis allowed us to identify opportunities for differentiation in terms of keywords, content and linking strategies, adjusting our strategy to outperform the competition in organic search rankings and SEM advertising channels.
  3. Domain SEO migration: We started the project with a SEO migration of the https://www.maytronics.com.es/ domain to a sub-folder within the main domain https://www.maytronics.com/es-es/. This process involved careful management of redirects and setup of the new website to preserve the existing SEO.
  4. Salesforce optimisation: Not the most SEO friendly. Setup of the new website (titles, goals, initial audit, loading speed...).
  5. SEO and content strategy for the product catalogue: We developed a content strategy to address the diversity of robot pool cleaner models, positioning different models with the same function (robot pool cleaner). We work on long-tail variations according to the use of each robot.
  6. Optimisation of the shop search engine: We addressed the challenges presented by the web shop search engine, which was a major SEO threat due to the risk of thin content and excessive crawling by Google. Its functionality and content were optimised to address the threats.
  7. Blog content strategy: This action is essential given that it is not an impulse purchase product. We implemented a blog strategy to cover searches related to the swimming pool concept, with the aim of attracting any user who owns a swimming pool.
  8. SEO strategy via YouTube: In certain searches, video results are detected in Google, so YouTube videos are optimised for this, and added in blog articles to enrich the content. There are several types of videos on the YouTube channel, the priority ones for SEO are the "Dolphin Tips", with which we can cover generic searches on pool robots. We also manage to drastically reduce the cost per video view and increase the CTR of advertising on YouTube.
  9. Excessive seasonality: SEM campaigns suffer from high seasonality (March to August). We try to cover all stages of the funnel of our target audience: users who have a pool, users who have a pool and are looking for information on maintenance, users who are looking for solutions to clean the pool, users who are looking for pool robots and users who are looking for our brand.
  10. Internal linking strategy: We implement a careful internal linking strategy to improve the authority of key pages, making it easier for users and search engines to browse our product catalogue and related content such as news and tips.
  11. Use of structured data: We apply structured data tagging to highlight key product information, reviews and articles in search results, improving visibility and attracting users to our website.
  12. Multi-format content strategy: Beyond the blog, we expanded our content strategy to include infographics, case studies and demo videos to address different content consumption preferences of our target audience.
  13. Personalised retargeting campaigns: We developed highly personalised retargeting campaigns to reengage users who showed interest in our products but did not complete a purchase action, using specific messages based on their previous interaction with the site.
  14. Ongoing improvement based on data analytics: Through the intensive use of analytical tools and the development of proprietary dashboards, we monitored website performance, conversions and user behaviour. This information allowed us to make continuous adjustments to our strategy to maximise the effectiveness of our campaigns.

3. Results

Increase in visits.
CPV of €0.01 per view on YouTube.
Qualified leads.
The SEO and SEM strategy implemented by our digital marketing agency for Maytronics proved to be effective, achieving a significant increase in both online visibility and quality lead generation. The combination of advanced digital marketing techniques at SEO, SEM and content level allowed Maytronics to increase visits, reduce costs and, above all, improve its brand reputation and generate business in a highly competitive and seasonal market. This success story not only reflects the potential of well-executed SEO and SEM, but also the value of a strategic partnership with specialist digital marketing agencies such as Semseo.

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