Tips for designing a landing page

Tips for designing a landing page
«Always focus more on the values of the product or service.»

The landing page plays a central role in any online marketing process: it can collect data about your visitors, increase the conversion rate, get leads, and help you improve in search engine optimization.

Anyone who has created a landing page knows that designing is not such an easy task: the design, usability, and text work together to capture the reader's attention. In today's article, we have compiled the most important information about landing page design. Follow our advice to win new customers!

Landing page with a striking title

The title of the landing page is the first impression when someone clicks on the page. It's worth making it interesting, but at the same time brief because people don't like to read long and complicated sentences. Focus more on the values of the product or service.

If you manage to convince your visitor in the title (and the brief introduction that follows), you will have an advantage over your competition.

For today's post, we will base ourselves on the example of our client NIU. With the title Do you still have doubts? we can capture the viewer's attention very well.

Focus on the benefits!

In general, concise content focused on benefits works best. The purpose of the landing page is to motivate the visitor what and how to achieve the goal we set for them: buy, request a quote, sign up, etc. This can be achieved by articulating a specific problem or customer need for which our service is the solution.

Remember, you've already caught the visitor's attention with the title, but now you also need to keep interest with well-composed text. Here are some tricks to get ahead of the competition:

Content focused on benefits: support the utility of your product/service with good features. For example, with icons and small but eye-catching titles.

Use a list: display the benefits in points or lists, because people prefer to read summarized texts.

Highlight the point: make the page transparent so the visitor can go through it and access the form. Don't hesitate to apply bold or italic style to important parts.

Ejemplo landing page

The power of images

If you want to visually enhance the effect of your landing page, include images of your product, service, or brand on the page. Since our brains process information from images much faster, you can much better capture your potential customer's attention if you use the right images.

Trust, above all

We usually prefer to spend on products that we know our friends have already tried and have proven their worth. The landing page works the same way on the Internet: in unknown situations, people like to follow others. That's why we recommend sharing one or two pieces of information about the company (and the people behind it) that can help you confirm that your client will make a good decision if they choose you:

  • Positive customer feedback
  • Articles and videos about you in the media
  • Number of satisfied customers
  • Awards, professional recognitions

Elements that radiate reliability work best when placed in front of or next to the form immediately after their benefits are explained.

It's a basic and essential requirement: real customer feedback and serious professional accolades are needed for your company to be credible.

Ejempo landing page-niu

Landing page architecture

A key part of the landing page is the form (especially for lead generation campaigns), as with all the website content, we intend to convince the visitor to complete it. That's why you should first think about where to place your form: in an immediately visible place or at the bottom of the page.

If you are promoting a free product or a service that does not need to be detailed, it is better to place a form after the list of advantages. In the case of a more complex service, we prefer to use so-called anchor links: if the user clicks on the bottom of the page immediately, we can direct the user to the form.

The other big question is how much data you should request in the form for lead collection. For us, our experience is that less is always more: it's worth asking for as much data as is absolutely necessary to bid or consult in advance. Long forms can significantly reduce the conversion rate (number of requests/purchases per 100 users), so unnecessary data should be omitted.

SEO optimization

To achieve the best results, you should also follow some technical SEO requirements. The title and meta description are almost mandatory. This will give you more opportunities to reach the first page of Google searches. In addition, the meta description provides a brief introduction.

A/B Testing

It's worth developing and constantly testing landing pages. There are many web analytics tools available today to measure conversion rates and identify dropout points. Good ideas should be implemented as quickly as possible, and then changes can be validated through testing.

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