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Do you need your own website to publicize your company on the Internet but you don't want to spend a lot of resources and time in the process? Do you want a simple and easy-to-use website that allows you to take your company to the digital world? At Semseo we have the solution to all your requirements: A web design made with Wordpress.

Why Wordpress? Very simple: It is a very versatile and easy-to-use content manager for the end user, it has thousands of practical functionalities for all kinds of needs and, in addition, it has great potential to make your company shine.

Advantages of website design on WordPress:

  • With a minimal investment, you will be able to achieve an attractive, personalized, functional website and focused on results.
  • Self-administrable. Once the website has been created, the internal WordPress manager is very intuitive and easy to use. You will be able to create new pages and upload content and images without needing to know anything about programming.
  • Progressive growth. The great versatility of WordPress makes it ideal for small companies but with great growth prospects. This platform will scale with you towards the goals you want to pursue.
  • WordPress has a wide variety of functionalities that you can include on your website and that make your life easier.
  • SEO oriented. In the right hands, WordPress can give us the keys we need to achieve the best positions on search engines.

At Semseo we are aware of all the advantages that a web design made with Wordpress provides. We are delighted to have an unbeatable team of Wordpress designers in Barcelona who are in charge of bringing the most successful and profitable web projects to reality.

What are our WordPress website designs like?

At SEMSEO we take full advantage of the potential that WordPress offers us. We create web designs adapted to all your needs and objectives, making your value proposition look like never before through a usable WordPress web design, easy to navigate and adapted to all mobile devices.

In addition, a good web design is useless if it is not seen by anyone. For this reason, we incorporate an Online Marketing strategy into all our WordPress web designs, so that your website is attractive to both users and Google and receives the visibility it deserves.

How do we do it? Here are the keys to our WordPress web designs:

Corporate website in Wordpress

100% personalized designs

All our web designs are completely tailored to the values and needs of your company. We create a corporate image for your web project that impacts users and guides them towards the objectives you want.

Advanced configuration

We polish all the details so that your WordPress meets all expectations. We implement all the functionalities and plugins that you need to achieve your objectives as soon as possible.

Fast and usable

Our WordPress web designs have all necessary improvements to guarantee maximum loading speed (WPO) and the most satisfactory user experience (UX).

SEO optimization

All the web pages that we create in WordPress are built and designed through an SEO prism. We create websites that appear amongst the top positions of searches related to your business.

Training and advice

Once your website has been designed and published, we don't abandon you. If you need it, we will train you and help you manage your WordPress so that you can be completely autonomous when generating new pages and content.
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Success stories

At SEMSEO, our WordPress online store design agency in Barcelona, we are proud to have led our clients to success thanks to fully customized and focused online stores. Among the clients who trust us, we would like to highlight:
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