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Francesc Sánchez


Professional Profile

I am passionate about strategic consulting and digital marketing, specialising in SEO and showing a particular interest in automations and the intelligent use of AI. I deeply value working hand in hand with our clients to achieve their goals, firmly believing in the power of teamwork and the importance of contributing each one with their strengths and specialties. I reject quick fixes and unethical solutions in SEO, always opting for solid and sustainable growth.


Professional Experience

I have a degree in Business Administration, an MBA and two postgraduate degrees in business management at European level. My career has focused on strategic consulting and digital marketing, with a particular emphasis on SEO. I have worked as a strategic consultant for two major multinationals and, in particular, for the UK's leading international market research consultancy.

Later on, I founded my digital marketing agency, La Teva Web, just four years after the creation of Google. We were pioneers in offering effective SEO services in Barcelona and Spain. I am very proud of the exponential growth of our agency, thanks to the excellent team we have formed, and of having recently launched Semseo, our international digital marketing brand.


Personal Interests

I'm an avid Depeche Mode fan, love football and take every excuse to escape to London. I take a critical view of self-proclaimed SEO figures, preferring collaboration and joint success over individual prominence.

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